MXNet 1G 墙插编码器

  • 最大数据速率1G
  • MXNet引导带宽管理
  • 使用任意标准网线(超5类或以上)
  • SFP 光纤连接用于长距离传输
  • 墙插格式适合标准双排墙插面板
  • 配有 “数据窗口” OLED显示器
  • 全外置指示灯控制


Clean, sleek, and stable. That is what you get when you install this AV over IP encoder device that fits into any standard dual-gang mud ring. Connect this MXNet wall plate to any HDMI source and it will encode the audio/video signal into a multicast data format that can be routed to any Decoder endpoint within the project/installation. This device connects directly via category cable (CAT 5e or better) or fiber optics to any MXNet switch. The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP is a part of the MXNet family of AV-over-IP products from AVPro Edge.

The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP will encode a full 4K 4:4:4 60Hz HDMI video signal – along with audio, control, power, and HDR metadata. These signals are passed to single or multiple Decoder endpoints via multicast routing through an MXNet or multicast compatible L3 managed network switch.  It does all this with next to zero latency. MXNet Encoders encode audio/video/control signals into IP packets using an optimized JPEG2000 codec at a flexible data rate (200Mbps for 1080p content, 300Mbps for 4K30 content, 850Mbps at peak).

The AC-MXNET-1G-EWP Encoder is only one part of the MXNet Ecosystem that includes Encoders, Network Switches, Control Processors, and other various components designed to facilitate the building of a custom A/V distribution system. MXNet’s Ecosystem includes formatting such as resolution scaling, full EDID management, HDR and Dolby Vision metadata, multifaceted video walls, and includes the MXNet Mentor setup and control tool – making installations easy on the integrator, while also presenting a major WOW factor for your client.

使用 AC-MXNET-1G-EWP 的优点:

JPEG 2000 – JPEG 2000 is the obvious and essential video encoding choice when picture quality is critical.  JPEG 2000 supports progressive decoding and delivers both lossy and lossless compression within a code stream. JPEG 2000 supports GEN LOCK so that the frames of a video source are synced to all Decoders resulting in tear-free video walls. JPEG 2000 enables the handling of color-space information, 10bit color, and it supports interactivity in networked applications.

Full External Light Control – Our integrators pride themselves on their work, so don’t let a small blue, green, red, or yellow light ruin your perfectly engineered viewing room. When you install an Encoder in a discreet location, you have the option to turn off ALL the lights on the device – including network link lights – as well as the Data Window OLED light. This allows you to install the Encoder, and once you know everything is working, eliminate any light outputted from the device.  This way, the end-user will never even know it’s there.

控制信号路由 – Both RS-232 and IR signals can be direct routed through the AC-MXNET-1G-E Encoder.  When you route these signals through a network switch, you can specify either single or multiple Decoders to receive these control signals.

支持USB 和 KVM  – Each Encoder unit has a USB-B Host connection. This allows you to connect and route any connected USB signals to a Decoder device. Use the MXNet Mentor software to specify the Host Encoder and the upstream USB device connected to the selected Decoder.